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Why You Should Consider Getting Shower Glass Splashbacks?

shower glass splashbacks

If you are interested in having a modern or contemporary bathroom, chances are that you are considering installing a shower glass splashbacks. They have become extremely popular over the last 5 years and if you want your bathroom to stand out they are a great way to do so. People no longer just choose ceramic tile despite their variety of options and low cost. For those of you that prefer a high-end bathroom, you cannot go for something as conventional as ceramic tiles. Some popular options that you might consider include sandstone, marble, and granite. However, their non-vitreous composition requires extra sealing and maintenance. Thus, to avoid any drawbacks, it is best to upgrade to a glass bathroom splashback. It is a more modern and sleek option.

The benefits of glass splashbacks go beyond their style. They tend to provide more value to your bathroom as they offer protection from moisture and are a lot easier to clean. Let’s take a look at why you should opt for them.

1. Premium Protection

When it comes to construction methods, glass shower splashbacks and tiled shower walls are quite similar. For both of the options, the underlying plasterboard needs to be waterproof, the material has to be glued to the wall and sealed. As for ceramic, you would need to deal with grout which is difficult to keep clean. A shower space that requires consistent care would require a lot more effort to deal with grime build-up, dirt, and soap scum. Moreover, grout is susceptible to mildew and mould. If such grout appears, it is impossible to have it cleaned using topical agents as they would be unable to penetrate the deep surface to treat the problem. Since glass has fewer seams for mildew or mould to grow, you benefit from mildew and mould protection.

2. Paint Colours Which Shine

When you opt for glass bathroom splashbacks, you will quickly realise that they offer a lot more than just basic wall protection. You also get to introduce your bathroom to sophistication and a new level of style. It is easy to create a feature of a colour that pops in your bathroom with a glass splashback. You could even create a spa-like feel by combining the glass with paint and white finishing.

3. Amazing Wall Accents

Another great thing about glass splashback is the fact that it has the potential to accent just about any bathroom wall. The paint colour used for the accent would be applied to the glass’s back or the wall. This would create a vivid effect. Since high-quality glass is known to have much lower iron content, it means that no matter which colour you use, you would get the effect you want. You also have the option to opt for tinted glass for the accent. There is a high demand for pearl and metallic finishes these days.


Shower glass splashbacks are here to stay since people have fallen in love with them. If you are looking for the best option for your bathroom, they are just what you need.

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