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What Is A Printed Glass Splashback?

printed glass splashbacks

Do you dream of a kitchen that radiates style while remaining practical? Are you planning a bathroom upgrade with the hope of transforming your space into something timeless yet personal?

If so, a printed glass splashback is probably the way to go.

Effortlessly sophisticated and easy to clean, printed glass splashbacks are fast becoming a staple in every UK home due to their potential to deliver a totally unique design feature to the most important rooms of your home.

What Are Printed Glass Splashbacks?

Printed glass splashbacks are sheets of toughened glass with any form of print. It could be a cherished family photo, close up pictures of your favourite food, or distinctive patterns that remind you of your favourite holiday.

It doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s a printable design, we can make it for you and add that crucial personal touch to your favourite spaces.

Concerning their formulation, our printed glass splashbacks go through a thermal tempering process. The glass is heated to around 600 degrees Celsius before the surface is blasted with cold air. The rapid cooling creates a temperature difference between the surface and the inside of the glass, resulting in counteracting stresses throughout the glass.

This process is what makes toughened glass stronger and more resistant to heat and impacts than regular glass!

Why Choose a Printed Glass Splashback for Your Kitchen or Bathroom?

There are several reasons to choose a printed glass splashback, which fall into two categories a) function and b) decoration.

Superior Functionality

Glass splashbacks are non-porous, making them a dream to keep clean. No more scrubbing the grout between tiles and praying the stain will fade with time – simply wipe at any spillages with a damp cloth and soap.

Grout also forms a breeding ground for bacteria. When preparing food for your family, you want to work in the hygienic environment that a printed glass splashback provides.

Lastly, printed glass splashbacks are resistant to high heat as well as impacts and scratches. These features make them ideal for even high-traffic kitchens and bathroom areas.

Personalised Decoration

The best thing about a printed glass splashback is its customisability. You can have literally anything printed – a picture of you and your family, a relaxing city nightscape, ultra-modern shapes and lines, a favourite quote, and more!

The flexibility and versatility of printed glass splashbacks mean you can add an extremely personal touch to your kitchen, making it unique in a way nothing else can achieve.

Are Printed Glass Splashbacks Still Durable?

Yes! The printing process does not affect the strength of the glass in any way, meaning you can have a gorgeous kitchen without compromising on durability or quality.
All our splashbacks are made from toughened, low-iron 6mm glass and come with a ten-year guarantee against peeling, flaking, discolouration, and chipping.

Can They Be Made-to-Measure?

Yes, they can! We offer bespoke printed glass splashbacks to ensure you have the perfect fit for your kitchen. We can even provide custom shapes if you need something other than a square or rectangle.

We do offer standard sizes which are delivered much sooner than custom orders. It all comes down to what works best in your space! Check out our measurement guide if you want to learn more about what you should be doing when measuring your space for a custom splashback.

Buy Your Printed Glass Splashbacks from Direct Glass Online

Whether you’re designing your kitchen from scratch or modernising your current bathroom, ordering bespoke printed glass splashbacks online has never been easier.

Either place your order today using our simple four-step process or contact us today via email to get started on the stylish and personalised splashback your home deserves.

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