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What Is Clear Toughened Glass?

clear toughened glass

Clear toughened glass is one of the essentials needed for any building, house or infrastructure these days. Contrary to laminated glass, this type of glass offers higher resistance and toughness, as its name suggests. But before delving into its benefits and usage, let’s understand what clear toughened glass actually is.

What Is Clear Toughened Glass?

Clear toughened glass is one of the strongest glass types available these days. These can be used in a multitude of different ways. It is thickened and strengthened under high pressure and temperature. The fact that it goes through exceptional temperature, pressure and density, makes clear toughened glass a lot harder and tougher than any other regular glass. That’s why, clear toughened glass is a lot stronger and thicker than the usual glass types.

How Is Clear Toughened Glass Made?

Clear toughened glass is made through a process called floating. Floating regular glass makes for a thicker, stronger and reinforced glass layer. Molten glass is heated on an intense hot temperature over an alloy. The alloy could be lead or any other alloy with a low melting point. After floating the molten glass on molten metal i.e alloy of any sort, the thickness of glass increases. The float glass method is intended to add further strength to the glass. The float glass method makes a glass resistant to sudden shocks or breakage, giving it a longer life.

After going through the float glass process, the glass gets thicker and stronger, with an even distribution of thickness all across the glass. By using clear toughened glass, the glass door or shelves don’t break into harmful shards which may cause wounds to your skin. In fact if any accident occurs, the glass breaks into a million different small pieces. This won’t cause you any further injury. You can’t change the shape or form of clear toughened glass once it’s made. Also, this type of glass is available at a more expensive price than any other type of glass, like laminated glass.

Uses of Clear Toughened Glass:

Clear toughened glass can be used in many different ways. Also known as tempered glass, this glass can be used to

  • Make for a perfect type of glass interior of any type.
  • Can be used to make doors, shelves, cabinets, tables etc.
  • Used for almost everything due to its harmlessness and added thickness

How to Know If a Glass Is Tempered, In Essence, a Clear Toughened Glass?

Clear toughened glass can be identified easily. All you have to do is, check the smoothness and edges of the glass under consideration. If the glass is smooth, has an even surface and fine and smooth edges, then the glass is tempered. However, in case of rough edges and surface, the glass can be considered laminated. The reason why clear toughened glass is so smooth is the extra refinement and toughening procedure it goes through.

So this is what clear toughened glass is and its ever-increasing usage these days.

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