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The Pros & Cons Of Glass Balustrades

glass balustrades

Glass is a staple of modern living. It is used in decor materials and home construction. The art of glassmaking has its origins in Mesopotamia some 4,000 years ago. These days, glassware can be found just about everywhere. One of the main reasons why the demand for glassware has skyrocketed in recent times is because of its eco-friendly and renewable qualities. If you are thinking of remodelling your home, chances are that you are considering getting glass balustrades. This post looks at the pros and cons of glass balustrades. It will help you decide if glass balustrades are the right fit for you or not.

Pros of Glass Balustrades

Greater Lighting

One of the best things about glass balustrades is that they provide far greater lighting. If you are tired of dark staircases and want to easily climb up the stairs without falling, you should consider getting glass balustrades. They help get more natural light into space. Thus, there are no shadows that get in the way and you will not need to rely on artificial lighting during the day.

Promote Staircase Safety

Since glass balustrades are made of thick tempered glass, they are unlikely to break or shatter. This makes them safe for your home. They will keep your kids and pets from falling down the staircase. Besides, as there is more natural lighting, the chances of falling downstairs are also significantly reduced.

Unrestricted Views

When you choose glass balustrades, you get to benefit from unrestricted views. If you want to have complete access to the view outside, glass balustrades are the perfect option. They allow you to marvel at the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

Enhance Style

Glass balustrades naturally provide a modern and luxurious vibe to your home. Whether you place them in place of the windows or at the staircase, they will enhance the way your home looks.

Easy Maintenance

A great thing about glass balustrades is that they are extremely easy to maintain. All you need to do is use cleaning products to keep them in perfect condition. They will look brand new at all times.

Environmental Friendly

Glass is known for being an eco-friendly option. It is perfectly safe and helps bring more natural light into your home. This helps reduce your dependence on artificial lighting.

Cons of Glass Balustrades

Although glass balustrades are beautiful and offer plenty of benefits, there are certain cons that you need to know about before you make a purchase.

Price Difference

Unlike standard balustrades that are made of steel or timber, glass balustrades are a lot more expensive.

Lack of Privacy

Since glass balustrades are transparent, they do not provide privacy.


Now that you have a better idea of the pros and cons of glass balustrades, you will be able to decide whether they are for you or not.

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