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Printed Glass Splashbacks

printed glass splashbacks

There’s a whole world of design possibilities with our range of printed glass splashbacks. These stylish additions are not just a statement of personal style; they’re a way to bring an element of artistic expression into the very heart of your home – your kitchen.

Direct Splashbacks is proud to offer this innovative solution to UK homeowners seeking an engaging and unique approach to kitchen décor. Our printed glass splashbacks showcase our commitment to quality, individuality, and British manufacturing, providing an effective means to transform your kitchen into a vibrant, personalised space.

Whether you favour intricate patterns, stunning landscapes, or your own custom artwork, our printed glass splashbacks are the perfect canvas.

Discover the Uniqueness of Printed Glass Splashbacks

Choosing a printed glass splashback for your kitchen is a distinctive way to stamp your personality and taste onto your space. But beyond the visual appeal, what are the compelling reasons to opt for a printed glass splashback?

A Personal Touch

Incorporating a printed glass splashback in your kitchen lets you weave your personality into the heart of your home. It’s not just about having an image on a splashback; it’s about expressing your unique style or treasured memories.

Whether you choose an image that resonates with your passion for travel, a cherished family photo, or a geometric pattern that aligns with your love for modern design, a printed splashback makes your kitchen genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Enhance Your Space

Every design choice in your kitchen contributes to its overall ambience. A printed splashback is an innovative tool to enhance this ambience based on your chosen imagery.

If you’re looking to create a sense of tranquillity, consider a calming seascape or a serene forest scene. For a more vibrant, energetic feel, consider bold, colourful patterns. With a printed glass splashback, you hold the power to shape the mood and energy of your space.

Easy Maintenance

Functionality is vital in any kitchen, and our printed glass splashbacks don’t sacrifice practicality for style. Made from high-quality, heat-resistant glass, they are designed to withstand daily kitchen activities.

These splashbacks are non-porous and easy to clean, maintaining their vibrancy without encouraging the growth of mould or bacteria. A simple wipe down keeps your artistic addition looking fresh and new, ensuring your kitchen remains a hygienic and visually pleasing space.

High-Quality Imaging

We believe in the power of details, which is why we use state-of-the-art printing techniques to ensure the best possible reproduction of your chosen image. Our printed splashbacks are not only vibrant but durable, with colours and details designed to stand the test of time.

Despite the heat and light exposure typical in a kitchen, your printed glass splashback will retain its clarity and vibrancy, ensuring your kitchen retains its unique appeal for years to come.

Creating Your Perfect Printed Glass Splashback: Our Simple Steps

Crafting your perfect kitchen story is only a few clicks away with our simple three-step process.

Choice of Printed Design

The first step in this exciting journey is selecting your desired print. 

You can choose from our collection of popular designs, upload your favourite photo, or choose from millions of high-quality images available on Shutterstock. The choice is entirely yours, allowing you to create a truly personalised centrepiece for your kitchen.

Shape, Size, and Extras

Next, input your specific requirements. Choose the shape that suits your space, provide the precise measurements and select the thickness of your glass.

Add extra features like socket cut-outs, glitter/sparkle effects, fixings, adhesives, or a matching chopping board to add further functionality and style to your kitchen.

Secure Online Order

Finally, once you’ve tailored your splashback to your liking and received an instant quote, you can securely place your order online in a mere matter of seconds.

Your bespoke printed glass splashback will be meticulously manufactured and safely delivered to your doorstep, ready to bring your unique vision to life.

Unleash Your Creativity with Personalised Printed Glass Splashbacks

At Direct Splashbacks, we believe creating a beautiful and personalised kitchen should be an easy and enjoyable experience. We combine the excellence of British craftsmanship with our passion for personalisation and design innovation.

Our team is dedicated to helping you transform your kitchen into a space that reflects your unique taste and personality. We understand that every home has a story, and we are excited to help you tell yours.

With printed glass splashbacks, you can truly make your kitchen your own. So, why wait? Start your journey today and discover the magic of printed glass splashbacks.Either browse our collection today or, if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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