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5 Design Ideas for Incorporating a Glass Splashback into Your Kitchen

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A glass splashback is a great way to add some style and elegance to your kitchen. They are also an easy DIY project that requires minimal tools and skills. In this blog post, we will cover seven different glass splashbacks design ideas for your kitchen – each with their own unique elements and advantages. 

Hopefully they will inspire you as you transform your kitchen space! 

#1: Use a Glass Splashback to Create a Bold Accent Feature of Your Kitchen

Accent colours are an important feature of any room, never mind a space that’s as vital as your kitchen. When redesigning your kitchen, you can choose to add hints of your accent colour, such as adding bright purple cooking utensils to contrast more neutral tones such as dark and light greys.

Or alternatively, you can choose to make a bold accent colour feature through your glass splashback, which acts as the centrepiece of the room, bringing the overall colour theme together. The brighter the colour, the better. Especially if you’ve gone for neutral tones throughout the rest of your units and appliances. Bold colour choices look great in more ‘industrial’ kitchen settings where there is heavy use of steel countertops. 

#2: Match Your Glass Splashback To Your Kitchen Cabinets

By contrast, you can opt for your glass splashback to blend in by matching it up with the colour of your kitchen cabinets. Or don’t be afraid to take the opposite approach and repaint your cabinets to match up to your brand new, sleek splashback. If you’re handy with a paintbrush, it should take you less than a day to totally transform the look and feel of your kitchen units. 

If you want an exact match with your colours, we have dozens available including those from leading paint brands such as Farrow & Ball, Crown, Dulux, and Ral to name but a few. In other words, we supply you with a coloured glass splashback in pretty much any shade of the rainbow! 

#3: Protect and Showcase Exposed Brickwork 

Exposed brickwork is a kitchen design trend that continues to increase in popularity. But it’s perhaps not the best surface to have in close proximity to the heat of your cooking hobs. 

A clear toughened glass splashback offers the perfect solution. Given it’s transparent, you still get to enjoy the brickwork feature while protecting it from spills, stains, and exposure to temperature changes. 

#4: Create a Spacious Feel with a Mirrored Glass Splashback 

For smaller kitchens, a mirrored glass splashback can become a very powerful and impactful addition. Since they reflect natural light, they have the ability to make cramped kitchen setups feel much more spacious and accommodating. 

Better still, they can be tinted to better suit their surroundings if a standard mirror finish wouldn’t look right in your kitchen. 

#5: Play Around with Printed Tiles 

Last but by no means least, you can easily turn your glass splashback into a head-turning, conversation-starting feature of your kitchen by having it printed with a custom pattern, texture, or photo. 

You can either choose to pick out a patterned glass look that complements your kitchen design, or perhaps make a family photo an eternal feature of your space. The choice is yours. With printed glass splashbacks, the only limit is your imagination! 

Elevate Your Kitchen with Versatile Glass Splashbacks from Direct Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are incredible versatile design pieces that are just as functional as they are beautiful. With so many different types to choose from, there are very few limits placed on your final choice.

Here at Direct Splashbacks, we have made transforming your kitchen as easy as it gets. All it takes is four simple steps to specify what you need, and we’ll handle the rest and deliver the glass splashback of your dreams right to your door. Better yet, our 10-year guarantee and our made-to-measure service ensure that you will be delighted with your splashback once installed. 

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