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How to Order a Bespoke Glass Splashback Online

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Glass splashbacks are famously easy to clean, resistant to heat and impacts, and they keep your kitchen looking sleek and stylish while doing so. But sometimes standard size options just won’t fit within your design, particularly if you’ve invested in a custom kitchen or bathroom suite, for example.

If that’s the case for you, you’re going to need to go bespoke. With that in mind, we’ve made this little guide that walks you through ordering a bespoke glass splashback.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Why Choose a Bespoke Glass Splashback?

Put simply, bespoke glass splashbacks give you flexibility when designing your dream kitchen. There’s no point ordering a standard size glass splashback if it’s not going to fit. Plus, we strongly believe it’s never worth altering your entire kitchen or bathroom just for the sake of accommodating your glass splashback!

If you have specific design goals for your kitchen (or bathroom), we believe you should be able to achieve them using custom glass splashbacks. Fortunately, we offer a bespoke ordering service that will help you achieve your design objectives.

How to Order a Bespoke Glass Splashback Online

If you feel nervous ordering a bespoke glass splashback online, don’t be! Here are all the steps you need to consider before placing your order:

Choose Your Preferred Type of Glass Splashback

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, you want your bespoke glass splashback to reflect your family’s personality and match the overall aesthetic of your home.

1. Coloured Splashbacks

A coloured glass splashback is one of the most versatile options for your home. You can make a statement with a bright, bold colour, or keep things simple with understated light neutral tones.

When choosing a colour, think about how different shades and tones can utterly transform a space. Lighter colours make an area feel open and bright, while darker tones can help ground a larger room while conveying sophistication.

2. Printed Splashbacks

Printed splashbacks are another way to get creative with your kitchen design! Is there a photograph you want to have immortalised? Perhaps a leafy pattern, or one with elegant, brocade-inspired shapes?

Either way, with a printed splashback, you can have your favourite images or patterns become a part of your home.

3. Mirrored Splashbacks

Mirrored glass splashbacks are an excellent choice for smaller kitchens, as the reflection widens the space and enhances any light.
These splashbacks look gorgeous and are right at home in ultra-modern kitchens, and they tie in well with black or silver accents colours.

4. Clear Toughened Glass Splashbacks

You can never go wrong with a clear toughened glass splashback. Clean, simple, and classic, clear toughened glass allows the other aspects of your kitchen’s design to take centre stage.

Measure Up (Twice!)

The thing about bespoke glass splashbacks is that they’re made to measure, so you better make sure you have the correct measurements! Due to the unique heating and cooling process that strengthens our glass, we cannot cut it once it has been treated.

Most bespoke glass orders are non-refundable once the manufacturing process has started. So check and then double-check you have the correct measurements!

Choose Your Shape of Glass Splashback

Your splashback doesn’t necessarily need to be a square or rectangle.

If you have a custom shape in mind, we will contact you after placing your order to work through your design aims for your bespoke splashback.

Specify Any Additional Requirements

A bespoke glass splashback doesn’t just mean custom sizing – it also takes into account the following:

  • Socket cut-outs
  • Notch cut-outs
  • Fixing options (screws, silicone adhesive, etc.)
  • Easy clean coating
  • Glitter

Make sure to clearly specify which of these you require and (while you’re at it) decide if you want us to make you a matching glass chopping board!

Buy Your Bespoke Glass Splashbacks with Direct Splashbacks

Here at Direct Splashbacks, we understand the importance of finding the perfect splashback for your space and strive to provide our customers with a seamless, simple online ordering process.

You can head over to your preferred type of glass splashback right now to start the straightforward step-by-step ordering process.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@directsplashbacks.com, and we’ll help you choose the perfect glass splashback!

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