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Choosing Glass Splashbacks: Factors You Need to Consider

printed glass splashback

Have you decided to elevate your kitchen with an elegant and modern glass splashback? Or are you looking for a feature piece for your bathroom? Either way, don’t let the number of decisions take away from the joy of the design process.

Since there are so many options when it comes to deciding the right glass splashback for you, we’ve put together a list of the most important factors you need to consider before ordering a glass splashback from Direct Splashbacks.

Why Choose a Glass Splashback for Your Kitchen or Bathroom?

Glass splashbacks are firm favourites in the home because of their no-nonsense approach to style. There is no better way to modernise your kitchen than with a sleek glass splashback.

However, they do so much more than transform the look of your kitchen. They also protect your walls from splashes of food, water, oil, and any other mess that cooking inevitably brings along.

Keeping your food preparation area clean and hygienic is as simple as a few wipes of a damp, soapy cloth. The non-porous surface of a glass splashback is a dream come true for anyone who has fought with stained and mouldy grout in the past!

The last significant benefit to glass splashbacks is their sheer versatility when it comes to designing your space. That brings us nicely to our first factor to consider, your choice of colour.

Factor 1 – Consider the Colour

The first thing to consider is what effect you hope your glass splashback has in the room. Do you want to make a bold design statement and use the splashback as a centrepiece? Or do you want to keep it simple and opt for something more understated with clear toughened glass?

Either way, your colour is going to make the statement, so you best pick wisely. If you are doing up your kitchen with a sale or rental in mind, neutral colours appeal to a broad audience. However, if you want to put your own unique stamp on your space, why not make a bold colour choice?

Factor 2 – Sizing Your Splashback

The size of your glass splashback can serve a visual as well as a functional role. In terms of function, you want the splashback to cover any wall areas which regularly need cleaning from cooking mess or water splashes from a bath or shower.

In terms of aesthetics, you can choose how high you want the splashback to go up the wall, provided you don’t have cabinets in place that decide the height for you. You can also choose to have the splashback only cover the wall section behind your stove, or extend it to cover it entirely.

We have a range of standard sizes which you can opt for, which can be delivered faster but obviously won’t have any of the bonuses associated with customisation.

Factor 3 – Think About the Countertops

When planning on installing a glass splashback, you need to make sure that the other aspects in your kitchen don’t clash in terms of style, colour, or texture. A bold coloured splashback will look fantastic with neutral countertops. However, they won’t look too great next to something equally as bright and garish.

Make sure you factor in the countertops when making design choices about your glass splashback so that the overall look is something you are 100% happy with.

Factor 4 – Types of Splashbacks

Now that you know what shape and size you’re going for, as well as what your overall design goal is, you can look at which type of glass splashback will best suit your space.

  • Coloured glass splashbacks: keep it simple while still introducing some interest into your kitchen design. They are a great way to bring in a pop of accent colour when the rest of the room is neutral.
  • Printed glass splashbacks: are perfect for jazzing up an otherwise plain kitchen. We can print anything – family photos, patterns, skylines, a grassy hill, plates of food, and more! If you can picture it, we can print it.
  • Mirrored glass splashbacks: work well in smaller or dimmer kitchens because they help widen and brighten the space. They look sleek and modern – the perfect accent piece for a seamless kitchen design.
  • Clear toughened glass splashbacks: are wonderful for keeping your kitchen classy and minimal while providing increased durability. Their simplicity also gives you the licence to go a little more “out there” for the rest of the space, including choosing statement lighting fixtures!

Complete Your Kitchen or Bathroom Space with a Glass Splashback

When you order a glass splashback from Direct Splashbacks, you can be sure that it will match the vision in your head.

With customisation available for everything, including print, colour, finish, size, shape, and the number of cut-outs, we can help you create a glass splashback that fits perfectly with your kitchen’s aesthetic and lasts you for years to come.

Contact us today if you have any questions, or start your order now using our simple, four-step process today!

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