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5 Reasons to Choose a Glass Splashback for Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is arguably the most important room in your house. There is a reason it’s been called “the heart of a home” because this is where most families come together to prepare or share meals. 

Your kitchen is the one room in your home that every family member will spend their time in every day. It has to be hygienic and practical but should also fit the rest of your home’s aesthetic. This is why many homeowners have chosen to install glass splashbacks. 

If you are thinking of redoing your kitchen or are in the process of having a new kitchen fitted, you will have to find a splashback that will complement your space. But don’t be fooled; not all kitchen splashbacks are created equal. 

So, which splashback material should you choose? 

Here are five reasons why a glass splashback is a perfect fit for your new kitchen. 

1. Safe & Hygienic

While your extractor fan will do its best to remove the excess moisture from the kitchen environment, it won’t be able to take care of it all. This is where your glass splashback comes in. It’s designed to protect your walls from moisture that can cause damp and rot, as well as giving protection against food stains.  

So what makes glass so safe and hygienic? 

Well, unlike traditional stone and tile materials, glass is naturally water and bacteria resistant.

Glass splashbacks not only create an additional barrier between your wall and water or food splatter, but they also offer protection to bacteria and mould. Glass splashbacks don’t have any grout lines or connecting the materials, which leaves less space for germs to hide and fester. 

Your glass splashback will not “pit” over time, like stone splashbacks, as they are not porous.

With fewer connecting materials and their natural resistance to water and stains, glass splashbacks are the safest and most hygienic option for families. 

2. Completely Customised Designs

Glass splashbacks have gained popularity over the past few years because of their modern finishes and all-round versatility. They are available in a wide variety of colours and styles to match your home’s décor. 

Glass splashbacks are entirely customisable. They are even available in glitter ranges. For instance, our printed glass splashback range lets you bring any design to life. You can add any picture, design, or pattern to create a unique, modern feature wall that provides a central focal point for your kitchen.  

3. Easy to Keep Clean

Glass splashbacks are five times more heat-resistant than other splashback materials. They are made of toughened glass, ensuring that your kitchen walls are protected from everyday food and grease splashes. This added protection makes them easy to keep clean too. 

Unlike traditional splashback materials, you can easily clean glass splashbacks. The smooth finish reduces scrubbing time, as there’s no cracks or crevices to get into. These splashbacks are quick to wipe down and can withstand a wide range of cleaning products. So, there’s no risk of damaging your splashback as there is with natural stone. That’s why glass splashbacks are a perfect investment for busy homeowners. 

4. Naturally Durable

Glass splashbacks are the most durable and scratch-resistant splashback on the market.

Unlike stainless steel and tile splashbacks, glass splashbacks undergo a rigorous heating and cooling process before it makes its way to your home. This process gives the glass splashback its sleek appearance but also strengthens it to make it life-proof. 

Its natural durability makes it the preferred splashback among interior designers right across the UK. 

5. Short Installation Time

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have when choosing a new splashback is the installation time. Tiles and mosaic can take a lot of time, depending on the splashback installation company you choose. The last thing you want is to be banished from your kitchen for days on end. For families with children or those pursuing a healthy lifestyle, living on takeout meals is simply not an option. 

Glass splashbacks, on the other hand, are much quicker to install. The glass is measured and cut before the installation day, allowing for a faster installation process. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your glass splashback and get back to your life in no time. 

Choose an Industry-Leading Glass Splashback Manufacturer To Transform Your Kitchen Today

There are many benefits to having a glass splashback installed in your kitchen. They’re modern, versatile and are made from the most durable splashback material.  Are you ready to order a new glass splashback? Order online today in just 4 simple steps! Alternatively, you can email us today at info@directsplashbacks.com, and one of our experienced team members will help you get started on your dream splashback.

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