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A Look into Using Glass Splashbacks in Your Bathroom

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If you’re looking for a way to improve the look and feel of your bathroom, then a glass splashback might be the way to go. Not only do they not suffer from the drawbacks associated with bathroom tiles but they also add that extra touch of class to one of the most private spaces in your home.

So, what are the benefits associated with installing glass splashbacks in your bathroom? And how do they work in the bathroom as opposed to a kitchen setting?

What Are Glass Bathroom Splashbacks?

In a bathroom setting, glass splashbacks are a modern, sleek alternative to bathroom tiles. Their job is to protect the bathroom walls from water splashes, steam moisture, and damp. Unlike tiles, glass splashbacks often cover large areas with a single sheet of glass, offering better protection since there are far fewer gaps for water to seep through.

What Are the Advantages of Installing Glass Splashbacks in Your Bathroom?

As is the case with kitchen splashbacks, bathroom glass splashbacks have many advantages over their more traditional tile counterparts. But let’s run over them in a little more detail so you can make an informed decision when renovating or installing a new bathroom suite.

Glass Splashbacks Are Easier to Keep Clean

First and foremost, bathrooms are high-moisture environments. When you have tiles installed, you’ll notice that, over time, mould, dirt, and grime will build up along the grout lines.

Not only is this unsightly, but it’s challenging to clean too. Even bleach can struggle to restore the whiteness of grout over time. By contrast, glass splashbacks are a single seamless panel, with no need for grout to hold it in place. Not only do they prevent mould accumulations, but they are also easily wiped clean with a cloth and some glass cleaner.

Glass Bathroom Splashbacks Give You More Choice When it Comes to Design

Unlike tiles, you can design your glass splashback in almost any way you want. Whether you want it to be smart, functional, or a real statement piece, you can try anything you want with glass.

You could have a printed glass splashback that reflects a beautiful motif. Or you can go for a photo of a tropical beach paradise that reminds you of your favourite holiday every time you bathe. The choice is totally yours. You can even elevate your bathroom to the next level by adding a glitter finish!

Are Glass Splashbacks Safe for a Bathroom?

Yes! Our glass splashbacks undergo a rigorous toughening process that exposes them to extreme temperatures and pressures. Our splashbacks are at least five times stronger than ordinary glass, and in the improbable event that the glass was to break, it would crumble into small blunt pieces, not sharp, dangerous shards of glass.

Our meticulous manufacturing process ensures that our glass is capable of handling temperatures of up to 400°C and is tough enough to take any unintentional knocks or bangs you may inflict while getting in or out of the shower or bath.

Choose A Glass Splashback for Your Bathroom in Four Simple Steps with Direct Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are a great way to add that extra touch of class and sophistication to your bathroom. They’re durable, easy to clean, and they dramatically increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom without having to worry about water damage or other issues associated with traditional bathroom tiles.

What’s even better is that we’ve made ordering your bespoke glass bathroom splashback as easy as physically possible. All you need to do is complete the four-step order form, check out, and your made-to-measure glass splashback will shortly be on its way to your doorstep!

So if you want to browse the massive range of colours, designs, and glass options for your bathroom splashback, please head over to our online shop. If you’re on a budget, you can also check out our clearance section for a bargain.

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